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Comprehensive Commercial Glass Services for
Missouri & Kansas

Santa Fe Glass can handle all of your commercial glazing needs. We perform all aspects of glass installation for storefronts, entrance doors, pass-thru windows, glass partitions, and more. 

Our Commercial Services

Office buildings, retail storefronts, hotels, and restaurants are just a few of the businesses we regularly provide with quality installations. First floor and storefront windows allow passersby a glimpse into the world of your everyday business. If you’re trying to attract more customers from the street, you need to create a positive and intriguing viewing experience for all to see. At Santa Fe Glass, we help retail stores and restaurants better represent themselves to the world through lustrous, gleaming glass! Once your installation is complete, you can create displays to entice pedestrians as they pass on the sidewalk. We can help you create an accessible vantage point so everyone can see what’s happening inside!

If you have design plans for your storefront, we’ll build according to those. Otherwise, we’re more than happy to help you design one that’s stylish, affordable, and functional. All storefronts are created using Tubelite framing systems. As always, a quote is free. We look forward to working on your project!

Complete Storefronts

Using Tubelite framing systems, we can build storefronts to your specifications or we can assist you with the design and create them from those plans.

Commercial Entrances

Our technicians can fix most entrance door issues using items we keep in stock like door closers, pivots, thresholds, and weather stripping.

Safety Glass

Safety glass installations can be done using laminated glass and a variety of tempered door lites, all of which we keep in stock.

Retail Barriers

Splash guards are used in restaurants, buffets, bakeries, etc to protect and prevent food contamination.  We offer mounting options such as counter top, wall mount and hanging.  They can be made to be either temporary or permanent.  

Bullet Resistant Glass

Customers seeking added protection from harm can opt to have thick, bullet-resistant glass installed.

Insulated Glass

Our insulated glass units are factory sealed to help reduce heat transfer through the window. They can also have Low Emissions (low-E) coating applied to one surface of the glass which will reflect the heat but allow light to pass through.

Glass Walls & Partitions

Typically installed in businesses to separate rooms or offices, glass walls and partitions look great, allow light, and make a workplace appear more spacious.

Custom Mirror Work

We stock a variety of sizes that can be customized to your required size. We also have 2-way mirror (mirropane) & convex security mirrors available. We can do dressing room mirrors, wrap mirrors around columns, and variety of restroom mirror configurations.

Interior Pass Thru Windows

Banks, movie theaters, train stations, and government offices frequently hire us to install interior office pass thru window varieties with speak holes and trays. Other businesses like drive thru restaurants often opt for sliding door types.  

Glass Walls & Partitions

Typically installed in businesses to separate rooms or offices, glass walls and partitions look great, allow light, and make a workplace appear more spacious.

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