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Understanding Shower Door Leaks: The Role of Proper Shower Construction

In the realm of bathroom design, few elements are as critical as a well-constructed shower. Whether renovating or building from scratch, the choice and installation of shower doors play a pivotal role not only in aesthetics but also in functionality. At Santa Fe Glass, we understand the importance of quality shower construction. Today, let’s explore a common issue homeowners face: shower door leaks stemming from improper shower design.

Common Causes of Shower Door Leaks

Imagine stepping into a beautifully tiled shower, only to find water seeping onto your bathroom floor after every use. This frustrating issue often arises from fundamental construction flaws:

  1. Tile Curb Angles: The angle and slope of the tile curb leading into the shower can significantly impact water containment. An improperly angled curb may cause water to flow out rather than drain properly back into the shower. Even the best-sealed shower door will leak if water is continually directed outward instead of inward.
  2. Shower Head Placement: Shower heads should not spray directly on a shower door. If the layout of the shower results in spray directly on the door, you will end up with water outside the shower enclosure.

How Santa Fe Glass Mitigates Water Leakage

At Santa Fe Glass, we take proactive measures to minimize the risk of shower door leaks:

  • Expert Consultation on Shower Design: Our experienced team provides expert advice on shower design and layout. We assess factors like tile curb angles and shower head placement to reduce potential leakage points.
  • Silicone Sealant Application: We use high-quality silicone sealant to create a watertight seal between the shower door and tile. This ensures that water cannot escape through gaps, enhancing the shower’s waterproofing.
  • Vinyl Sweeps for Swinging Doors: For tougher cases where water continues to leak out of the shower enclosure, we offer vinyl sweeps for the bottom and sides of the door. These sweeps improve water retention, but can take away from the ascetic appeal of the shower (especially after a few years when the vinyl may deteriorate), so we usually install the shower enclosure without them, and only add them if water retention is an issue.  


Proper shower construction is essential in preventing leaks. At Santa Fe Glass, we combine expert consultation with high-quality materials and meticulous installation techniques to ensure your shower doors integrate seamlessly into a well-built shower environment. Contact us today to explore how our custom shower door solutions can enhance your bathroom experience.

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